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2024 National Taxidermy Competition

Toronto Sportsman Show

International Centre

6900 Airport Road Mississauga, ON

L4V 1E8

March 14th - 17th 2024

Mounts must be registered by 12pm on Friday Morning

Mounts cannot leave venue until 2pm on Sunday



There will be an entrance fee of  $25 per piece.

Youth entries (15 years of age and under) are $10 per piece.

There is no limit on the size or number of pieces entered.

All mounts on a single base are eligible for each of their categories

 Competition Registration is $65

If you would like to attend the Annual CTA Conference please go to the JOIN page to learn how to become a member. For those not ready to enter the competition - you are still welcome to attend where you will find many useful seminars and hands-on demonstrations.

Hotel Information

Crowne Plaza Toronto Airport

33 Carlson Court, Toronto ON

M9W 6H5



Call to make your room reservation by Feb 23rd 2024


Hotel Rates

$149.00 - Modern Room; 2 Double, Queen/King rooms.  3 People - $169.00, 4 people -$145.00

$189.00 for Modern Suites; King Suite/living room, King Suite/pull-out sofa in living room.

**These rates are for CTA Members Only**



 Complimentary High-Speed Internet Access in all guestrooms

 Complimentary ½ price parking for all attendees – 15.00/day

 15% off food in restaurant and lounge


Banquet Dinner – Saturday, March 18th - Cost $45 per person

Dress code will be in effect for the banquet, no blue jeans, hats or camo.

All members who are planning to attend the Banquet Dinner must contact Arnold or Patty at 613-924-1840 on or before March 5th, 2024. This is so we can order enough food through the Hotel.

Call to make your room reservation ASAP to guarantee a discounted rate. Let them know that you are with the CTA. Do not use a third party booking company or you will not receive the group discount.


Rules and Regulations



To recognize and promote the high standards of excellence necessary to improve the image of taxidermy.


General Rules

1 . The competition is open only to members of the Canadian Taxidermists Association, who are in good standing with the Association

2. All entries must be done with conventional techniques

3. Competitors must affirm with signature that all mounts entered by them were unassisted

4. Competitors must contact Arnold or Patty via phone or email on or before March 5, 2019 to qualify for standard entry fees. All fees, both standard and late will be paid at the door.

5. Each competitor’s form and fees must be received by the treasurer on or before 12:00 PM competition entry deadline day.

6. All mounts must be delivered to the competition area by 12:00 PM on the final registration day of the competition



Competition Divisions

There are four Divisions of competition.

Novice, Professional, Masters and Division of Excellence; in all species categories.

A competitor can compete in any Division, at any time except for Division of Excellence.

Once started, you cannot go back a level in that category for that species.

If you receive 3 “Best of Class” awards, you must move up to the next level in that species.

In order to move from Masters to Division of Excellence, you must have a minimum of 3 first and 1 ‘Best of Class’ in Masters for that species.


Awards and Scoring

Any competitor wishing to have a habitat scored will have it done on a separate score sheet.

This score will have no influence on the final score of any mount attached to or part of that habitat

Mixed groups will have their individual scores averaged and ribbons awarded on that basis.

Mixed groups are not eligible for the ‘All Round Taxidermist’ Award

‘All Around Taxidermist’ award is open only to Professional, Masters and Division of Excellence

National Taxidermy Association score sheets will be used.

Major award ties other than ribbons will be broken by the judges.

In voting for ‘People’s Choice’ awards, entries with multiple mounts will have votes for different mounts combined to arrive at a total.

Half mounts will be judged as heads.






A novice is defined as a competitor who has not won a First Place ribbon in any competition category.

There will be no fatal flaws in Novice or Youth levels.

Large mammals are defined as life size mounts of any mammal larger then a coyote.

This also includes the young of the species.

Small mammals are defined as life size mounts of any mammal coyote size and smaller.

Game heads are heads of any species other then Deer.


Problem Solving

Questions or problems arising from the interpretation or application of rules should be directed to the

Competition Chairman of the CTA for resolution.



Judges may not compete in the division in which they are judging.

Reproductions must have proof of originality or authenticity of the molding process in Masters and Division of Excellence.

Novelty items are not accepted for judging,

Permits must accompany any protected species, including raptors.

Freeze dried and reproduced parts attached to conventional mounts are acceptable (Ex. Noses, Bills, Fins, etc.)

Mounts from previous CTA competitions are not eligible to be entered again in a CTA competition.



 SHOULDER MOUNTS                                                      MAMMALS

Deer Heads                                                                            Large Mammals

Game Heads                                                                          Anything larger than a Coyote

Anything other than Deer                                                        Small Mammals

Rugs                                                                                       Anything Coyote sized and smaller


BIRDS                                                                                    SCULPTURE

Upland                                                                                   Taxidermy Sculpture

Waterfowl                                                                              (Taxidermy Forms) Must be anatomically correct.

Raptors (With Permit)


FISH                                                                                       Mixed Groups

Salmonoids                                                                             Two or more species of different

Fresh water Trout, Char, Salmon and                                    categories

migratory varieties                                                                 

All Other Fresh Water Fish                                                 Miscellaneous

All Saltwater Fish                                                                  Any mount not covered under any other

Fish Reproductions                                                               category (Ex. Turtle, Snake, etc.)

Judged separately from conventional                                     

mounts, includes all above subcategories                               Freeze Dried

                                                                                                Entered in the same category, but will be

Original Art                                                                       judged separately from conventional mounts

Flat Art                                                                                  

Painting, Pencil, Pastel etc.                                                   


Wood or other carving material

Artistic Sculpture

(Any not Taxidermy)



All art is judged under one category.

Entries must be Wildlife related.

Artistic freedom is acceptable on all entries

(Entries may be stylized and are not

required to be totally anatomically correct)

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